About Mahdi Abedi

Dear visitor, Welcome to Mahdi Abedi.
Interested in knowing who or What is Mahdi Abedi? Mahdi Abedi is both my name and this website’s name. Do you ask why Mahdi Abedi should be the name of a website or complex? The reason is so simple: Imagine that you are the owner of a well-known worldwide company. Yes, people all around the world know about your company. But do they know about its owner? The answer is mostly no. If your company just does their work, it’s enough for them. Even they have no interest in knowing about the owner. But Mahdi Abedi takes an interest in them as it is both the name of a person and a website, while other businesses naturally choose short and unique names as their goal isn’t to be known by everyone and an income is enough for them.
I am a blind game developer and programmer who knows the BGT (Blastbay Game Toolkit) scripting engine, C#, some C++, HTML, and PHP. Born on August 24, 2003.
You can always find me on Youtube, Instagram (mahdi.abedi1382), Telegram (mahdiabedi82), My telegram channel, Twitter (mahdiabedi82), Linkedin (mahdiabedi), Skype (mahdiabedi82), and E-mail (mahdi@mahdiabedi.com).

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