Connect to NVDA remote for assistance

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NVDA is a free screen reader for blind and visually impaired people that says what is being displayed on screen by way of navigating with the keyboard and allows addons to be installed.
NVDA Remote is one of the addons that you can obtain from and is a way for people to do tech support with one another, should they have both the addon and NVDA installed as well.
Note: Once you're connected to someone's computer, press f11 to switch to control the remote machine or switch to your local machine.
To connect using NVDA remote addon, do the folowing.

    1: Go to NVDA menu by pressing NVDA plus N.
    2: Go to tools and then NVDA remote.
    3: Go to connect and a dialog box will appear.
    4: In the first set of radio buttons, make sure that it's set to client.
    5: Tab to the second list of radio buttons and make sure that “Allow this machine to be controlled.” is selected.
    6: Tab and you'll see host. Put as the host server and tab once more.
    7: This is where you can put your key in and if the person wants to connect to your computer, just give them the key.
    8: Tab to okay and you'll successfully connect to the server.