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Mahdi Abedi (1)

I am Mahdi Abedi, a blind game developer and programmer who knows the BGT (Blastbay Game Toolkit) scripting engine, C#, some C++, HTML, and PHP. Born on August 24, 2003.
I also manage servers and websites and being experienced in Linux-based systems as well as audio editing.
The following is what I mostly did in the past: played chess, showdown, goalball, and darts; did athletics; made pottery; and wrote short stories and texts.
And the following are my favorites as well as goals: playing the divan or bağlama instrument, dubbing, narrating, imitating sounds, composing soundtracks, etc. Maybe I’ll add some new goals later. Who knows?
You can always find me on Youtube, Instagram (mahdi.abedi1382), Telegram (mahdiabedi82), My telegram channel, Facebook, My facebook page, Twitter (mahdiabedi82), and E-mail (


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