Welcome to my website!

hi. Welcome to my website.
I am mahdi abedi, a blind game developer and programmer. Currently, I know the following programming languages. BGT(blastbay game toolkit, made by blastbay studios for blind programmers), html, some python and php.
My games, programs and contact info can be found above. But well, Let me put my current projects, services and active social media channels here.

My current game for blind and visually impared, daily life

release date: september 08, 2019-present

Daily life download link
Daily life 1.99 exe pach download link
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daily life

current version: 1.99
daily life is an online audio game, created and being developed by me (Mahdi Abedi).
it’s a 3d fps and life simulator audio game for blinds and visually impaireds, and those sighted people who can play by just reading texts and listening to sounds without any graphiks, with a lot of features!
You can chat with different chat modes such as normal chat, TTS and voice chat.
you can have different types of houses, beehives, stores, aviaries, fridges, microwaves, vehicles, lockers, etc.
You can kill other players and creatures with various types of things such as more than 100 different weapons, a lot of bombs and explosions, empty bottle, stone, wood, glass, and even coin and mud!
you can have a peaceful life and just build maps, challenge maps for others, or even you can help us to extend the game maps!
you can play in entertainment center, sell things, and more more features are waiting for you to discover them!
download link

Daily life 1.99 exe pach download link

my e-mail address: mahdi@mahdiabedi.com

my telegram id: @mahdiabedi82
my facebook account: mahdiabedi82
my instagram account: mahdi.abedi1382
my telegram channel
my youtube channel
my facebook page
my public teamtalk server

financial assistance

If you like my services and content that I produce, Please Consider donateing to me so that I can provide you my services with better quality. Even one sent is appritiated.

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