The war zone

release date: December 01, 2022
current version: 0.3
This is an offline first-person shooter (FPS) game for the blind and visually impaired.
Use the following keys in the game:
Arrow keys to move around or move between items in the inventory;
Page up to climb up;
Page down to climb down;
Space to jump;
C to check your coordinates;
Tab and shift tab to cycle in the inventory;
I to open the inventory;
Grave to switch between fists and feet;
H to check your health;
Left Control to fire the selected weapon;
R to reload the selected weapon;
A to check ammo of the selected weapon;
F to check your facing;
Q and E to turn around by 45 degrees;
Shift Q and Shift E to turn around by 90 degrees;
Alt Q and Alt E to turn around by 180 degrees;
Alt shift Q and Alt shift E to turn around by 1 degree;
K to check your kills;
Home and end to change the master volume;
Shift home and end to increase/decrease background music’s volume;
F1 to open the menu;
F2 to toggle the weapon pings;
T to check the playtime;
W to open the weapon list;
Left and right bracket to move between buffers;
Comma and dot to move between items of the selected buffer;
Enter to draw a weapon, take an item, get in to a vehicle, or use stores, doors, and travelpoints;
backspace to draw a weapon or use an item in the cycle inventory;
Hold backspace to pull a grenade;
release backspace to throw the pulled grenade;
F12 to use the clip copy;
Shift c to check the store coordinates;
Z to check your location;
B to open the builder menu;
Shift K to check tiles that are around you;
Alt K to check zones that are around you;
Shift N to know where the tracked tile is;
Alt N to know where the tracked zone is;
Delete to activate the cheat mode;
And escape to exit.
Download link


release date: August 24, 2022
NOTICE: In September 30, 2023, the site went offline. – a browser based mmorpg game
The Mafia, any non-criminal fears them. These mysterious and well coordinated criminal organisations are the fear of every law-abiding citizen. The horrifying era of the Mafia began in Italy on the island of Sicily back in the early 1900’s . Armed robbery, murder and other violent crimes: these guys would stop at nothing. With nine out of ten criminal investigations never being solved, public mistrust towards the government grew rapidly.
Today, we find ourselves in the 21st century and the Mafia is still active. During the last century the situation did not improve. In fact, it got worse. The whole world watched as more and more Mafia families emerged to commit more horrific crimes, there is just no stopping them. Cars are stolen, armoured money trucks are hijacked, civilians are buried by their loved ones every week, and the injured are filling up the hospitals. Is it ever going to stop?
As a member of the Mafia, you murder to improve your skills, solve problems and to gain the respect of other Mafia families. Keep cool and handle the situation smartly. Many Mafia members make the mistake of spending their criminal fortunes in a far too obvious manner. That’s how you get busted. Why flaunt your fame and fortune when the whole world is full of criminals who are interested in those two things only? To survive in the this world you have to think everything through, stay under the radar and then strike at the right moment. This is the only way to success.
You start your career as a rookie on your own and surrounded by other unexperienced criminals like yourself. Murdering should be left to others. why get your hands dirty when someone else can do that for you. As your reputation rises, you will earn more respect and money, and your skills will improve. In the meantime, keep a low profile and people will think you are harmless. Don’t forget: be wary of your neighbors as well, they might be in the Mafia too!.


In this browser game you will walk in the footsteps of a Mafia member. By showing your strength, earning respect, and rising in rank, you will slowly become renowned and feared in the world of the Mafia. Outsmart your fellow players and become the most powerful Mafiosi.

In the beginning it will take some time getting used to. If you have little experience with similar games, you will need some time to learn the tricks of the trade. Dont worry though, by just trying everything out you will quickly learn. Steal cars, commit (organized) crimes, gamble in the casino: after performing some of these activities, you will get a hang of the way crimes are integrated in this game.

Manual for
Earn real money
Murder / death
Country options
Wishing stones

In this game a lot relies on your strength. Your rank in the memberlist depends on your strength. You possess attack and defense strength. Your attack strength is, as the name implies, important for attacking other players. Your defense strength plays a role in defending attacks from other players.

You gain strength by purchasing things like weapons, vehicles, etc. You can also work out in the gym or the boxing club.

Boxing strength is required to beat other players in the ring. Of course, your boxing strength is also part of your overall strength.


Here is a list of all the possible ranks and their corresponding extra rights and possibilities.

Greenhorn All new players start with this rank
Follower At this rank you can rob money trucks
Delivery boy From this rank on, you can use the notepad
Pickpocket At this rank you receive ¤ 5,000 cash for your prestige every day
Smuggler At this rank you can deprive respect points from other players
Bicycle thief
Shoplifter From this rank on, you can hide your online status
Thief At this rank you get the safe for free
Safe breaker
Gang leader
After reaching Godfather , your progress will continue through levels.
You then start as Godfather at level 1, and can keep on levelling up into eternity.
Godfather level 120 is thus also possible.

In the status bar you can view your present rank and progress towards the next level. This bar is constantly updated. When the bar is full you will rise a rank.

Earn real money

There are many possibilities to make money. Still finding it difficult? The following list is a small peek into the possibilities :

Sell cars
Attack other players (or kill them!)
Refer new players
Play at the casino
Manage objects
A daily 3% interest on your bank account balance (exchange office option)
Deal drugs
Become part of a successful criminal family, who own many money presses and km² of land
Spin the wheel of fortune
Rob a money truck
Commit (orgnanized) crimes and robberies
Complete new goals
Accomplish missions
Exchange credits for in-game bank account money

By attacking others you can earn extra cash. After a successful attack you get a percentage of the players pocketed cash. Your opponent will also lose health. There is, however, a maximum on the number of attacks you can launch. Per 24 hours, you can commit 100 attacks on your fellow players, and 10 attacks on the same person.

The more bullets you fire, the higher your chances of success are. The opponent will also lose more health this way. There is no 100% guarantee that you will win. 1 thing is for sure though, the higher your strength and rank are, the more chance you have of winning .

There are also drawbacks to an attack. Launching an attack will cost you some strength. Therefore, choose your victims carefully. If you lose an attack that you launched, you will lose health.

Sometimes you will not be able to attack someone. This can be caused by the following things:
– You are protected
– Your victim is protected
– Your victim is on vacation
– You’ve already commit 100 attacks today, or you’ve already attacked this player 10 times
– You are at work
– You murdered someone in the last 24 hours, and therefore have to wait before attacking again

Murder / death

A possible outcome of an attack is death. If the health of your victim falls to 0, that means you killed them. Of course, this works both ways.

If the murdered player had an active auction running, the auction will be terminated and the money returned to the highest bidder.

If you die you will lose the following things:
– Bank and cash money (of which 50% goes to your husband/wife in case you were married, the remainder is for the murderer)
– Objects in your possession (casinos, hospitals etc.)

If you kill someone? You will receive your victim’s entire fortune. In case your victim was married, you’ll only receive 50% of his/her bank and cash money.

Tip: Store your money in the safe. Even in the event of your death, the money is always there. Credits and VIP-membership, won’t be lost in case you get murdered, so they remain in your possession

While you are dead it’s not possible to continue normal active play. You can only log off, buy credits, or revive yourself in the exchange office. Once you’ve bought a revival you can resume playing.

To keep it fun for everyone, you can’t just keep on murdering. After a murder, you must wait 24 hours before you can attack again.

Country options

There can be many reasons to leave a country to explore another one. Your intended victim resides in another country or you want to take a new casino to the cleaners. Maybe you are only looking for cheaper ammunition? Some countries also possess special characteristics.

In Egypt you can search for mysterious packages
In Egypt you can try to kill “The Pharaoh” once a week. If successful, a substantial reward awaits you
In China you can smuggle Chinese people into Europe
In Italy, you can bring the Junkie Pope XTC bags in exchange for cash
In Russia you can have a bare-knuckle fight with a member of the Russian Mafia once a week
In Brazil you can make a bet on a football match daily, and make good money with that
Wishing stones

A few facts about wishing stones:
– With a wishing stone, you can once a week wish for the Pharaoh to die, and receive a nice reward for it
– Wishing stones can be purchased at the exchange office
– Wishing stones can also be found, but where? That’s a secret, you’ll just have to search!


The purpose of blackjack is to beat the bank. You have to try to get as close to 21 as possible. Going over means you lose. If you have end up with less then 22 points in your hand, but with more than the bank, you win the hand. Jack’s, queen’s, and king’s are worth 10 points. The cards 2 to 10 are worth face value. The ace is either worth 1 or 11 points. If you end up with more than 21 points in your hand, the bank wins.


In roulette you place your chips on the table in specific fields. The roulette wheel is lined with numbers between 0 and 36. These are also alternately colored: 18 red, 18 black. The 0 is green. You can place chips on multiple fields to try to maximize your winnings. Click “start” to make the wheel spin. When the wheel stops spinning, a winning number (and color) will be shown.

You can place chips on red or black If you guessed the right color you receive double your bet. You can also place chips on even/uneven or on the “0 to 18″/”19 to 36” fields.

In these cases, if you guessed right, you receive 3 times your bet:
First dozen (1 to 12)
Second dozen (13 to 24)
Third dozen (25 to 36)

Betting on a specific number can earn you 35 times your bet. If you made a mistake and want to correct this? You can click reset and try again.


Poker is a game where you place bets depending on the cards in your hand.
The game that is played here is Texas Hold ’em.

The blinds
Before the game begins there are some mandatory bets that must be placed: the blinds.
With Texas Hold ’em, a button is used (the dealer button) to show which player is currently dealing the cards.
Before the cards can be dealt, the players to the left of the dealer button have to place their small and big blind (2x the small blind).
After that, each player is dealt 2 cards face down.

Betting options
The options a player has are: “fold”, “check”, “bet”, “call” and “raise”.
Not all options are available in every round, it depends on the actions of players whose turn already passed.
One option that is always available is “fold”, the player discards his/her hand and stops play until the round ends.
If no player has betted yet, a player can “check” (no bet but continue playing), or “bet” themselves.
If a player has placed a bet, the players after him/her can “call”, “raise” or “fold”.
If a player calls, it means he/she plays on and matches the bet placed previously by another player.
If you raise, it means you not only call the bet, but also raise it with a bet of your own.

Pre Flop
If all players have received their cards, they have the opportunity to “call” or “raise” the big blind. They can also choose to “fold”.
The player next to the big blind must act first.
If he/she calls, he/she has to match the big blind.
This pre flop process continues until all active (not folded) players have betted the same amount.

The Flop
The Flop means 3 cards are laid face up on the table.
These cards can be used by all players that are still playing this round.
The first one allowed to act is the player to the left of the dealer button.
The options players have are the same as for the Pre Flop. However, if no one has placed a bet yet, you have the option to “check”.

The Turn
When all active (not folded) players have betted the same amount in The Flop round, The Turn card is laid face up on the table.
This is the 4th card available to all players still active.
After The Turn card, another round of betting takes place in the same way as during The Flop round.

The River
When all active (not folded) players have betted the same amount in The Turn round, the fifth and final card is laid out on the table.
In the same way as before: the player to the left of the dealer button starts the betting round.

When all active (not folded) players have betted the same amount in The River round, all of the cards are revealed.
Using a maximum of 5 cards, the player who makes the best hand, wins.

Poker combinations
In poker, the following combinations are possible, arranged from highest to lowest in value, but from lowest to highest in probability.

Royal Flush 5 cards of the same suit in consecutive order with the Ace high A♠ K♠ Q♠ J♠ 10♠
Straight Flush 5 cards of the same suit in consecutive order Q♦ J♦ 10♦ 9♦ 8♦
Four of a kind 4 cards of the same rank 4♣ 4♦ 4♥ 4♠ 9♥
Full House 3 of a kind (same rank) combined with a pair (same rank) 8♣ 8♦ 8♠ K♥ K♠
Flush 5 cards of the same suit K♠ J♠ 8♠ 4♠ 3♠
Straight 5 cards in consecutive order, any combination of suits. Attention: the Ace can act as highest (above King) or lowest (below 2) 5♦ 4♥ 3♠ 2♦ A♦
Three of a kind 3 cards of the same rank 7♣ 7♥ 7♠ K♦ 2♠
Two pair 2×2 cards of the same rank (pairs must differ in rank) A♣ A♦ 8♥ 8♠ Q♠
One pair 2 cards of the same rank 9♥ 9♠ A♣ J♠ 4♥
High card The highest card wins, whereby the 2 is the lowest and the Ace the highest A♦ 10♦ 9♠ 5♣ 4♣

If more that one player is going for the Pot after the final betting round is finished, the hands are revealed (showdown).
To win the Pot, the players must show their whole hand, even if part of the hand is sufficient to claim the win.

If 2 (or more) players have made the same combination, the player with the highest cards wins according to the following rules:

  • If 2 (or more) players only have a High card (no combination), the highest card wins. If this High card is the same for both (or more) players, then the second highest card counts.
  • If both (or more) players have One pair, the highest pair wins. If they are even, then the rest of the cards are judged according to the High card rules above .
  • If both (or more) players have Two pair, the highest pair wins. If that’s even, the highest second pair wins. If this is also even, then the highest fifth card wins.
  • If both (or more) players have Three of a kind or Full House, the highest trio wins. If that’s even, the highest pair (only for Full House), or the highest fourth/fifth card wins.
  • If both (or more) players have a Flush or Straight, the highest card wins. If this card is even, the second card wins etc. Exception: The Ace in a 5 4 3 2 Ace Straight is counted as the lowest card, so loses against a 6 5 4 3 2 Straight.
  • If both (or more) players have a Four of a kind, the highest quartet wins. If that is even, the fifth card wins.

In general, this rule stands: the best hand of 5 cards wins the Pot.

Visit crimeforce

Daily life

Release date: September 08, 2019
Current version: 2.19
Daily Life is an online audio game created and being developed by me (Mahdi Abedi).
It’s a 3D fps and life simulator audio game for blinds and visually impaired people, and those sighted people who can play by just reading texts and listening to sounds without any graphics, with a lot of features!
Host your own server, manage the game, and play with your friends. Chat with different chat modes, such as normal chat, TTS, and voice chat. Have different types of houses, beehives, stores, aviaries, fridges, microwaves, vehicles, and lockers. Kill other players and creatures with various types of things, such as more than 100 different weapons, a lot of explosives, and every possible natural object such as wood, stone, and even mud. Have a peaceful life and just build maps, challenge maps for others, or help us extend the game maps. Play in entertainment center, sell things, and more more features are waiting for you to be discovered!
Daily life download link
Daily life server download link
Daily life 2.19 exe pach download link
Daily life server 2.19 exe pach download link

Sudden attack

Release date: 2018
Current version: beta 4
this game is based on the killer by Ivan Soto
Official trailer

Continuous challenge

Release date: June 22, 2019
Current version: 0.3
 Hello everyone. 
This is me, Mahdi Abedi, the founder of Mahdi Productions.
Current members: 
Me (Mahdi Abedi): Coder, Translator, and sound designer.
Erfan Abedi: 
Deborah Aquilino: Translator, Server hoster
We are glad to announce our game, CC!
In this game, your goal is to collect items.
You have thirty minutes to collect as many items as you can, put them on the left side of the map, and collect points.
When the time runs out, the game will finish.
But There are some challenges. The game is not as easy as you might think!
Each item that you collect decreases your speed and time and gives you points, depending on the item.
If you put them in something other than the wood that is located on the left side of the map, You’ll lose 5 points. If you don’t have any points or your points become negative, you’ll hear an alarm.
If you reach two thousand points, You’ll win and finish the game.
If your score drops to minus one hundred points, You’ll lose and the game will be finished.
List of items in the game:
ball, paper, guitar, percussion, flute, piano, music player, wood, steel, book (you should create it), and hammer (you should create it).
There are two items: One of them gives you one hundred health, and another takes away one hundred health.
These two items sound different; have fun finding which one is which.
Is there an inventory in CC?
Yeah! Once you are in the inventory, you can use the up and down arrows to scroll through items.
Items are announced this way: “Item You Have X,” where “Item” is the Item you’ve got and X is the quantity of that item.
Once you select an item you want to use, you’ll need to press either the left or right arrows to put that item in your left or right hand. To put an item back in your inventory, close your inventory, then select the hand that is holding the item and press the delete key.
Once you did what you were going to do in the inventory, You’d press escape to exit. Then, if you have gotten an item that you want to use, press the 1 key for your left hand and the 2 key for your right hand.
You can double tap 1 or 2 to put that item back in your bag and return that hand to being empty.
To interact, press T. What this does is make one hand interact with another hand. For example, a long piece of wood in one hand and a hammer head in the other would make a hammer. Just put the first item in your left hand, the second in your right hand, and press t.
How do you make the hammer that is so useful?
1. Combine wood with wood; it will make a long wood.
2. Combine steel with steel, and you will make a hammer head.
3. Combine the hammer head with long wood, and your hammer is ready!
Now, let’s make a book!
1. Connect two pieces of paper; it will become a long piece of paper. Do it twice.
2. Connect long paper with long paper; it will become very long paper. Do it twice.
3. Connect the two very long papers together, and it will become a book!
Before listing the keys used in the game, let’s explain turrets a bit.
What are turrets?
These are the things that spawn randomly on the map, and if the player gets near them, they will shoot the player, and the player loses two health points.
How do we protect ourselves against them?
You can do either of these:
First, You should go away as fast as possible.
Second, You should shoot it while it’s firing. To shoot it, you could either use your fists (Ctrl+1 and 2) or a hammer.
When you destroy it, You’ll get 5 points.
If your health drops below 1, you’ll lose the game.
Left and Right walks
B checks the current location or zone.
Z toggles speak of zones.
Escape to close the inventory (if opened) or exit the game.
H checks your health.
Page up and Page down increase or decrease music volume.
Press F1 to check the game engine version.
Press f2 to check for new updates.
Press f3 to go to the options menu.
S checks your points.
F5 checks your remaining time.
1 selects the left hand.
2 selects the right hand.
left control+1 or 2 for selecting left or right fist.
T interacts two hands or objects together.
I opens the inventory.
Inventory Keys: 
up and down arrows for switching between items.
left and right arrows for putting items in that hand.
First, thanks to my team that helped me with everything!
Deborah Aquilino: Thanks, because you corrected my spelling errors, gave me ideas, and gave me the opportunity to bring my projects online!
Erfan Abedi: You helped a lot. Thanks for testing and reporting many bugs.
Mason Armstrong: Thanks for the game engine. This game uses a game engine and game engine map examples.
Sam Tupy: Thanks for the rotation class, sound positioning, speedstop, and sound pool3D.
Mehdi Farahmand: Thanks for proofreading the English readme, correcting spelling and grammatical mistakes, and translating the text back to Persian.
Andray Louis: Thanks for the FreakyFwoofShorts.
oussamaben: Thanks for the swamp mod.
And last but not least, Thank you for playing!
– Also… 
We used these game sounds. We are trying to replace them with new sounds. But thank you to the developers of these games.
survive the wild (stw), constant battle (bc), bk3, the blood rain (tbr), and fighting to the death (fd).
Persian audio tutorial
Download this game from here

The life in world

Release date: March 22, 2018
Current version: 0.1
Welcome to the life in world
This game is created by Mahdi Productions (Mahdi Abedi).
1: introduction 
In this game, you should live in the world.
The bos wants the sky, and you are his friend. He says, If you help me complete my mission, I will give you a million dollars, and you will be king of the world.
You say, What’s your mition? Bos says, I want the sky for controlling everything.
Umm, ok: I’m Reddy
left, write, down, up, walk
j, jump 
left alt plus w and left shift plus w, wear cloths
alt plus left write up and down, run
left shift plus t, snap
left alt plus t, clap
f1 through f7, weapons
f9, If you’re in the store, opens the store to buy things.
left control, fire
I, open and close inventory
space, pick up everything on the air.
v, open and close piano
c, tells you your position
b, opens and closes the bike; if you sit down and press the arrows, you can ride it.
0, launches missiles
e, checks energy
h, checks health
k, checks killes
d, checks dollars
s, is being used for smokeing 
a, checks ammo
escape, goes to the main menu.
grave through 8, for playing piano,
backslash, plays piano music
f8, tells you the enemy’s position
f, checks your facing
r, sits down, and stands up
t, opens packs, and creates shelters.
p, drinks popcan
/, chat 
shelters, and stores
Get 100 wood and 100 stones; press t to create one.
Type /store or go to store, press f9, to open store menu. If you have 1000 dollars and press enter on life pack, it buys one!
If you don’t have 1000 dollars or you want bie packs for like 500 dollars, the game will close.
/exit, exits the game
/store, opens the store menu
Thanks to KingZombie for fixing the main menu bugs.
Thanks to beta testers for testing the game, erfan, mahdi00 
Thanks to Soleiman Hashemizadeh for helping me find bugs.
and thank you for playing!
Download link

Fight to the death

Release date: 2017
Current version: 0.2
Welcome to fighting to the death!
This game is created by Mahdi Productions (Mahdi Abedi).
1: What can I do in this game?
You should kill the enemies because they are angry at you.
You are a bad boy, and people don’t like you.
Some guys want to kill you and kill your parance.
You should kill your enemies!
Don’t want to kill them? Can I ask why?
2: keys 
left and right: go left and right
up: jump 
left control: fire
slash: chat (/exit, exits from the game)
r: sits down and stands up
Numbers 1 through 6: selects weapons
If you want to use a cannon, first you need to sit down.
f: fists 
i: open and close your inventory
g: camera 
h: checks health
e: checks energy
a: builds shelters
d: your dog
3: inventory 
If you are in inventory, you can’t move or check your stats, but you can select weapons.
I hope you enjoy this game!
Download link

the warrier

Release date: 2017
Current version: 0.1
this game is based on pc revenge, made and open sourced by mason armstrong

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