What’s new in MA-All-in-one 0.40.0?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Views: 440 Greetings! I’m thrilled to announce the release of MA-All-in-one version 0.40.0! For those unfamiliar with MA-All-in-one, it’s a comprehensive collection of all the apps and games I have developed, as well as those I will develop in the future. From first-person shooter games to police chase games, from memory and sports games to… Continue reading What’s new in MA-All-in-one 0.40.0?

MA-All-in-one Anniversary Celebration

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Reading Time: 8 minutes Views: 871 Want to listen to the article instead? click here Greetings! Today marks the one-year anniversary of MA-All-in-one, and I’m thrilled to extend my deepest gratitude for your unwavering support throughout this journey. With your encouragement, I am driven to introduce a plethora of exciting features in its second year of existence! Over the… Continue reading MA-All-in-one Anniversary Celebration

Unlocking the World of Braille: A Celebration of World Braille Day

Reading Time: 4 minutes Views: 683 Introduction: Unveiling the Power of Braille World Braille Day, observed annually on January 4th, is a global celebration that pays tribute to Louis Braille, the brilliant mind behind the revolutionary braille system. This tactile writing and reading method, featuring raised dots, have not only empowered individuals with visual impairments but have also served… Continue reading Unlocking the World of Braille: A Celebration of World Braille Day